Thursday, February 3, 2011

reflections late at night.

Bucket List Completion:
15. Make Steve Orton cookies, it was his 50th, I made him cookies!!!

46. Donate blood. Did it, and will continue to do it.

I have been re-reading my "mission-statement/motto thing" for this year and so far it feels successful.

This year will be the one. 

The one where I live every day to it's full potential- Lately I have filled everyday with stuff, basketball games, friends in general, doing crazy things. It has NOT been dull at all! 

The one where I learn from the past, but never set foot it in, The one where I learn from the past, but never set foot it in, The one to come close to the Lord through church, scriptures, seminary, prayers, fasting, experience, friends, family and life. 

The one where the temple is my second home, and I get to free souls in heaven. - I added "Attend Temple Regularly" to my bucket-list thing. Sarah and I have gone the past two weeks and decided to go every week we can. I honestly love the temple. Everything is so grand, peaceful and beautiful there.

The one to fall in love with life again.- Whoever "D" is, I want you to know, I truly took your letter to heart. I love it and read it often. But when I read that line, I decided I wanted that, I decided I wanted to be in love with life again. So I did. I made some changes, and I am glad and happy to say, life is not that bad, and I am actually doing pretty dang well. 

The one where I dance in the kitchen, scream songs in the car and act like no one is ever watching- Literally, Sarah and I screamed in the car. It was pretty great. 

 January treated me well. It honestly did. I am happy with life, and I will continue to be. I need to work on my running goals, and some other things, but I will. I have 11 months to become the girl I want to become in 2011.  

Shoot, it is one in the morning!!!!! I need to go to bed now. 

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