Sunday, February 6, 2011

i don't know how it gets better than this

To expand on my recent facebook status "I love my friends" I thought I would post this...

Louie, KC, Trent, Mayson and Crit

Goodness, I love my friends. All of them are superb.  They just let me be myself, and have fun anyway. We have a real great time together, and I sincerely love them all dearly.
Weekends are good times to be with your friends. I went to the game with Lydia. I love our game friendships. Emily's usually there too, so fun! I love cheering and being with her. Then after the game, Sarah, Stookey, and KC came over. We skated. Well Sarah and Stookey skated. KC and I watched. But I always have fun with them.

Sarah slept over. Yay!!! Mayson loves sleepovers with Sarah. :) The ext morning we went to IHOP, Wal Mart, and Savers. Cute girl.

Later, (like hours later) I picked her back up, we went to Taco Bell and the boys came over again. Well, this time it was Christian, KC, and Trent. Oh man, we are a good crew, the five of us, like honestly, we really get along well. Skating, Days, Delirious, singing while driving with our heads out the window, making movies, photo booth. All goodness. Gosh, I feel so blessed, these guys are the best ever. I feel completely normal, and comfortable around them.

Classic thing that happens every time we hang out, we all burst out singing "I wish you would step out from that ledge my friend!!!" (Jumper, third eye blind, good song)

Speaking of friends, I saw Emily Clark at Days today. I love pleasant surprises like that.

Ps. I hope my dress comes on Tuesday, instead of next Monday. The dates 8-14 is kinda a large range, thanks a lot Kohl's.

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