Monday, February 7, 2011

here's to you and your temper

Quit blaming all of your bad days on me. 

Everything that goes wrong in your life is always someone's fault. Not yours. You never do anything wrong, or ever add to the situation. In your eyes, you are perefect.

You think everyone you are around are self-centered, you think all I care about is myself.

How do you not even know me? Have you met yourself?

No, you aren't the most self-centered person in the universe, or even close. You do help a lot of other people, but at the same time,  you always blame helping them on your bad mood. You use it as something against us that you spent "all this time helping us", therefore, complaining about your service means nothing. I would rather not have all your help because the way you complain makes me feel upset and guilty.

You are inconsistent. You expect me to be perfect when you demand perfection, but I never know when that is coming. Sometimes, its never quite enough. Quit getting mad at me all the time because I don't know how you want me to act that day.

You could write a book on how to ruin someone's perfect day.

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