Sunday, February 13, 2011

let's get together and feel alright

There is something to say about the sun.  I can't get over the fact that I can be in a tank top, with the window wide open in February. 

The sun makes me think about summer. 

Lauren asked me the other day about how I was not nervous to leave, to a new state, where I literally know no one. Truth is, I am not nervous about those I am going to meet, but about those I leave behind. I find myself asking "Will I even have friends when I come back?" I worry about starting my senior year alone. I worry that people here will change and be perfectly happy without me. 

But I am excited. More than you can ever know. Eight weeks. I only have eight weeks to taste what freedom may feel like. It's scary. Eight weeks.  No family, friends, or familiar faces. 

I know for at least one moment, I will have a glimpse of home. I will get to see my brother again. 

Elder Astle, I am coming for you. I love you. Promise you will see me? I have waited 2 years to see you!

They talk of homecomings, girls camp, boating, youth conference, Tan the Man, CJ, experiences I will all miss out on. But I think-- I hope-- it will all be worth it.

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