Saturday, July 2, 2011

when hopes were high

I know that Susan Boyle is old news. But this video continues to inspire me although it was years ago. 
With my recent feddish with Les Miserables, I rediscovered the talent and shocking story of Susan Boyle.
She appeared to be something. But her talent showed us otherwise.
I think the people in the world who are most misunderstood are those who appear to be different. 
Society doesn't want change.  It wants to blend. Society can't handle differences. 
I love the theme of this year at Calleva. 
Dare to Be Different.
I dare to be exactly who I am. 
I dare stay true to my values. I dare to stand for what I believe. 
And out here, that's daring.
People look at me funny sometimes. I don't say the same words as them. I don't do things on Sundays. I don't watch the same movies as them. 
But that's how I dare to be different. 
I dare to be different in the way I dress and present myself.
I dare to be different in my beliefs.
I dare to be different in the way I view others. 
I dare to be different in the way I act.
Each of us needs to dare to be different. 
I mean, it's never easy to stand apart from the crowd. 
But I think it's worth it.
At least for me.
I believe in myself and my values.
I believe in good things to come.
I believe in a bigger picture.
Therefore, I am different.
Unlike most the people out here, I believe there are consequences to my actions.
I believe in being the best I can be.
I dare to be different.
Do you?

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