Friday, July 29, 2011

don't trust me.

You know when you blog stalk people? So you start by reading one person's blog that you actually follow but then end up reading like 3 people's blogs that you really don't know, or do know but if they knew that you read their blog that would be creepy. Welp, I just did that. I read Bronwen's blog (which isn't creepy) but then on Bronwen's blog I stumbled upon Matt Woodruff's blog. (which is borderline creepy) Well both of their blogs had a reoccurring theme. They both told stories that made me laugh out loud. Bronwen getting stuck outside and her sister hanging up on her was pretty classic. Matt and crew trying to get Usher to play on their Disney Station, what dorks. (But in a good funny way) So pretty much, I hope that this story makes someone laugh. Or just be creeped by it. I don't know, it's story time.

Once upon a time I was in Potomic Book Store in Maryland.  They had a section of books that were used. I found a few that I might read on a good day and decided to buy about $12 worth of books. As I was there, some freaking lady kept staring at me. I was SO confused. I mean, I know I just came from work and that I probably smelled like Seneca Creek. But so did Becky Miller and Hannah Putt. So this lady just keeps randomly being on the same row that I was and I was starting to get freaked out. I just decided to rub it off, even though Hannah and Becky were making fun of me. So I got in line (which was a pretty long line for some reason) and the lady is a few people in front of me. All of the sudden the lady comes up to me and goes "I'm sorry, you just look so much like my daughter" Ummm... okay? She quickly got back in line. 30 seconds, a minute goes by. She comes back. "I'm sorry, you look so much like my daughter who died in a car crash. She was mad at me the night she left and I never got to say goodbye."  Me: um? I'm so sorry. Can I help you? The lady with a dead daughter, "Could you, could you just say 'Bye Mom' as I walk out? It would just give me some comfort and peace?" Well, what was I to do? Of course I said I would. So the lady walks out, and I nicely say "Goodbye mom". As I reach the counter the clerk guy man told me that I owed $72. I was a bit confused. I told him I got all of the books out of the used book section. He told me that my mom had said that I had the credit card and would pay for it. WHAT THE HECK?! The freaking lady scammed me. So I set down my books and chased the lady down. Oh did I. So I chased her down through the deli that was under the book store, through the parking garage. But I couldn't catch her. She just had too much of a lead. The lady seriously lied about her dead daughter and wanted me to pay 50 bucks for her stupid books, probably about cats and ruining people's lives.  So I never went to that book store again.

The moral of the story is to not trust people when they say that their daughter is dead and they want reassurance. They probably just want to make you feel bad and pay for their books.


  1. That did not make me laugh, that made me mad! Are you serious?? Wow I'm sorry that happened to you.

  2. Dear Mayson, this is me stalking your blog. Don't even feel bad about the whole blog stalking thing cuz trust me, you aren't alone.

    That being said...your story made me laugh. Just cuz you told it in a funny way. But I also agree with Yon Soo in that it made me kind of angry. Honestly, that lady is such a tool. That's pretty dumb that she would scam you 50 bucks. Like does she really believe her integrity is worth that much?

    Anyways...thanks Mayson. Your blog is awesome. And so are you. Yep! :)

  3. Um, Mayson, I was totally tearing up until I realized that freak of nature was a con artist. What a jerk. I hope that she reads this. I am so sorry that happened to you. And, I'm glad you enjoyed my story of the most terrible night ever :)

  4. woooooooooooooooooooow. All that I have to say, has been said.