Sunday, July 10, 2011

with glowing hearts we see thee rise

In a fantasy world-- no one would be skinny, no one would be obese. Also the idea of Women Presidents, Women Refs or Women Professional sports is simply not acceptable. Good looking men flock to places like these. People have the same sense of humor. Everyone agrees. We all do yoga on Tuesdays and game night on Thursdays. As society, when it rains we all dance in it. McDonalds isn't invited to my fantasy world. Everyone does as everyone does. There aren't wars, problems or daytime soap shows.

Honey, back your bags. We are moving to Canada. 


  1. CANADA: Where dreams come true. (If you fit the exact reqirements.)

    P.s I love your blog design.

  2. Mayson, I like your new blog design! And your picture is cute!

  3. But.. but... I love midday Soap operas