Monday, July 11, 2011

no one cries they won't return

Call in sick. You aren't getting any better as the day goes on Mayson. You feel like crap. Maybe it's the 5 hours of sleep. Not maybe, probably.  Go to bed. EXPLOSION. My head hurts. Hurts is putting it lightly.
I hate my job sometimes. I need a day. One day. To hopefully regenerate and feel better. Being in the heat all day doesn't help.  I can handle headaches. I get them often. This is one that I really feel like will never go away. 
Please don't make me go. 
On the bright side, I see Wicked tomorrow.  Words can't express my excitement. Also, I completed number 51 on my list of things for this year. Hello 4 on my AP test. I know it's no 5. But it's a 4 and I passed. Thank the heavens above!
These are the thoughts that crowd my throbbing head.

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