Sunday, July 17, 2011

sitck to the status quo

The boy who played with barbies and had more girlfriends then guys was labeled "gay"
The girl who was pregnant at age 16 and now raises a child on her own was labeled "teenage mom"
The man in the cell who killed a family drunk driving was labeled "drunk"
The woman who was married 3 times and now has a boyfriend that she lived with was labeled "slut" 
But why?  
Sure he's gay, she's a mom, he made a mistake and she can't figure out love. But that's not who they are. It's apart of them but it's not as we should view them. It shouldn't be the one word we use to describe that particular person.  That's the thing about life.
Everyone has bad in them. We all have our sins, our trials, our difficulties. Some are more visible than others. 
But would you want to be labeled as yours?


  1. I like how the "reactions" could answer the question posed at the end. I don't know which one to click to say that I approve of this post....

  2. hahaha. it's usually like "yes" i agree. "no" i don't. i just got sick of thumbs up and thumbs down. SO if you approve "yes" would be the answer. :)

  3. That was such an amazing post, Mayson! I'm going to try my hardest to stop labeling them without learning about them first! :D

  4. i love this so much mayson. you are one of the few people i know that really have it figured out. you are such a good person, and a great example to everybody.

  5. I said yes. Next time I find myself stereotyping people I will think of you, DonDra.