Sunday, July 3, 2011

my world's on fire, how 'bout yours?

Meet Becky. Pretty much my only friend here.

She came over yesterday around 1:30. We took many pictures. I mean many. Those were just a selection of them. She really is a good photographer. She is going to teach me the ways so I can pretend like I know how to work a camera.

I like Becky. She is a pretty cool person. So I slept over at her house because it was late, we had church the next morning anyway. This resulted in me going crazy. (Who would have guessed?) And her thinking I was funny. (I crack myself up)

After church, (well after I went home, and took half a nap) we went to the visitors center at the temple, these are the results of that. . .

Typical Mayson. Typical Becky.

we matched at church. :)

we learned about service

eating the grapes. :)

i'm going there someday.

like literally, that temple, on saturday. haha

love my new necklace

It was an eventful weekend.

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