Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i'd be so happy i could melt.

I had amazing seats

View from the Kennedy Center

The music started and I already wanted to cry. I was in the world I belonged in. Out they came, "Good news! She's dead!" the citizens of Oz were celebrating the death of that Wicked Witch of the West. Words don't describe my excitement and joy during that first song. I just knew that I was in for one of the best nights of my life. Then Glinda came flying in her bubble and started telling the story of the witches of oz. The night went on and I didn't want it to end. When Elphaba, the witch of the west, sang "The Wizard and I"-- I literally got chills. It was beautiful.  During "Dancing Through Life" I was amazed at the dancers. There were some seriously talented people in the cast. As the play went on, I realized so much more then I had the first two times I saw the play. This was definitely my favorite performance. "Defying Gravity" was the most astounding thing I have seen in years. We seriously had a dazzling cast. The second half didn't surprise me at all, it was just as wonderful. I loved watching the development of each character and really thinking about their situations. I have a list of things I learned from the show. It's wonderful how much one can get out of 3 hours of watching a play. The tears finally came when Elphaba and Glinda reunite and sing "For Good". Not only was it absolutely beautiful, it was just such an emotional scene. Saying goodbye forever is such a hard thing. Then, of course, that ending is amazing each time I see it. I love it.
Somebody move to Oz with me. 

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