Sunday, May 8, 2011

oh. skip. to. the. ending.

Have you ever wondered. . .

where your life is going? 

why there are certain people in your life?

when those people will fade-- or will they?

why somethings work out-- and others don't? 

who you are going to marry?

who they are-- personality, where they are from, family life ETC.?

what your future spouse is doing right now?

what they are doing to become the person you are going to marry?

what your family is going to be like?

who your kids are-- how many of them, their names, their personalities?

who you will become? 

Have you ever wondered these things? Somehow, I already love my husband. I don't know who he is going to be.  I hope he is out there somewhere becoming the man who will be perfect for me. Somehow, I already love my kids. Each of them. 1-1000, I love them all, however many I might have. Families are eternal. Marriage, having kids, families-- they are all scary thoughts at times. But you know what? Nothing else will make me happier than to grow up and marry a man that might be crazy enough to love me forever.

Someone just tell me who he is.

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