Wednesday, May 11, 2011

you're a part time lover, and a full time friend

"The more I'm around you the more I realize, we'd be imperfect together - but that would create perfection." 
  --Thank you Emma for putting the words in my mouth that I have been trying to express. 

We don't make sense. We don't have similar interests. We don't have similar friends. We don't even agree on a lot of things-- but somehow, it fits perfectly. 

Maybe it's because we can just talk for hours-- about everything and anything. Past, present, future, serious, funny, you name it. Maybe it's because we accept each other for who we are. When your sister asked me why I am friends with you, I really started thinking. Why AM I friends with you? You do the strangest things around me. You know that "noise" you make that I hate? I find myself doing that all the time now. You know that one time when we sat in your basement and you ate the tissue? You know that one time when I told you my "problem" that potentially could have been the most awkward conversation with anyone?  When you steal my phone and play Life and restart until you get the Dr. or when you let me win Wii Golf? Yeah. I don't get it. I don't get how it works so well between us. 

On paper, we make no sense. But in reality, we are perfect. I am glad we are friends. I intend to keep it that way. THAT WAY. Nothing more, nothing less. Like I told you the other day, I like having you as a friend. The bunny rabbit needs you. Dondra needs you. But not in a stupid, high school way like I thought I did, once upon a time. Friendship is the best thing for me right now. I absolutely love it. Don't listen to what people say, I enjoy being your friend. Remember how good we are at being friends? Yeah-- so do I. 

So just so everyone is aware-- friends. That's what we are. JUST FRIENDS. And, with all my heart and soul, I want to keep it that way.

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