Sunday, May 15, 2011

far and wide, his love proclaim

Today, I had the opportunity of going to Russell Doria's farewell talk. The choir sang, "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go". I thought a lot about Russell's decision to serve the Lord for 2 years. But I also thought about my choice to leave for Maryland. I am sure you are all sick of hearing about it, but I know, that for some reason, I am going.  I just have to search for what it is.

Russell shared this amazing story, that I would like to share with each of you. (I am going to change it, so it applies to me, the "I" is me. haha)

"In the premortal existence, I had a friend. To make it personal, I am going to chose the name Mary. Mary and I did everything together. We would dance, go running, swim, watch movies, talked. I mean, everything. Mary and I were best of friends. It then came the day that I got my call to earth. It read, 'Sister Astle, you have been called to serve in the Provo, Utah Mission. You will have the opportunity of being raised in the gospel, with a family who serves and loves the gospel. You will make friends along the way who will help you grow and love the gospel even more. The gospel will be your daily anchor as you strive to live far from the world. ' I read my call, and was excited. I knew that Provo was going to be a very great place for me to live. I wanted to tell my best friend Mary. I looked for her every where. She wasn't at the movie theater, or the mall. She was no where to be found. But I saw a tree, and I found Mary laying under it sobbing. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she got her call, and that she was going to be living in Maryland, with no source of the truth, far away from the gospel principles. She then told me, that I needed to find her, and that she would be looking for me."

Although, my purpose to go to Maryland is not to proselyte and teach everyone of the gospel. But I felt so strongly, that there is a purpose. Maybe I will just be an example to the kids I work with. Maybe I will be able to invite a friend to church. And maybe, just maybe, someone is praying for a miracle to come into their lives. Maybe Mary is looking for the truth. My brother has spent almost the last 2 years serving the people of Maryland-- It's my turn now. Maybe I won't see anyone "get dunked" (as my cute missionary brother says) but you never know the lasting impression you can make on someone's life.

So I challenge you today, to think about the call you got in heaven. Think about where you stand. Maybe someone got called to the Provo Utah Mission-- but they didn't have the opportunity to be a member. Maybe their challenges are those around them--forcing religion on them. Be a friend to all. Be an example. Be your best self. For you never know who is watching. It could be anyone.  One last thought--

"Someone is watching, and that's a fact.
Someone will copy the way you act.
So make this your motto and put it to use--
Be someone's example and not their excuse"

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