Wednesday, May 18, 2011

when push comes to shove--

To whoever the heck thought it was a great idea to THUMBS DOWN Conrad Smith, or whatever the heck you had against my previous post, I would like to know-- WHY? Ok, 4 people thumb's down to Conrad? What the heck? Go away. 

Ok, I was just a little bit sad when I saw that. I don't understand why. Honestly, it kinda hurts my heart a little. As in a little, I mean a lot. I can take criticism. Easy. But against my little freshman friend, I just can't. That was sad. 

Mr. Monks makes fun of the way I walk. It's kinda funny. I just want to walk normal again. That would be splendid.

I went on a geology field trip today. We went to Rock Canyon, and the Waterfall and the Dinosaur Museum. I had a delicious sandwich, with sourdough bread. Oh and I had a shake from JCW's. Quite the adventure! 

Then I auditioned for musical theater. I also had a XC meeting. Ok XC will NOT come fast enough. I LOVE IT. 

I attempted to go to the temple with Shannon today. The wait was 2 hours, we didn't quite have that time. So I didn't. :( Boo. Luckily I can go tomorrow or Friday. Hooray! 

Kings Speech-- sooo good. Honestly, I went and saw it today! (Because some genius made it PG-13) I loved it. It was good. 

I wonder when my knee is going to be better. Please soon.

Anyway, this post was about nothing. Unless someone wants to explain my 4 thumbs down to my friend Conrad. 

The End. 

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