Thursday, May 5, 2011

you are my sweetest downfall

Want to know what makes me happier than anything? 

A new pair of converse. 

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Converse aren't like boys. They don't let you down. They don't get over you and get a new owner. You have complete control over them. They understand you, they are the miles you walk. They are your shoes. They understand your problems. They don't suck. In every way, they aren't like boys. Boys are only good at breaking your heart, giving you hope and leaving you in the mud. Converse on the other hand, will not leave you in the mud. They are the good friends who go in the mud so you don't have to. Then you are sad because your perfect pair of Converse are now "ruined'. Every pair has a moment where they go from being "perfect" to being "shoes that are new" to being "converse" to being "old" to being "really old and they are struggling with holes and you really should buy a new pair". I have a pair of each of these. I remember the moments where they went from perfect to being shoes that are new. It was a tragic moment. Made me sad. Makes me more sad that I have more emotional attachments to a pair of shoes over any person. But who is dependable? Exactly. Not you. Not anyway. 

(Ok, hyperbole much, but still-- I am a little bit excited about my new addition to my collection-- WELCOME ORANGE

"All I know is that you are so nice, you are the nicest thing I have seen" . . . No. Not the converse.

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