Monday, May 16, 2011

we love you conrad, oh yes we do.

You know the boy in the picture-- the one on the left side of your screen?

That's Conrad Smith.

I met Conrad at XC-- or was it drama? Either way, we have a year full of wonderful memories together.  Conrad really is one of the best people I know. I just love being around him. He is my little freshman buddy. I am glad we have become such good friends this year.

Sometimes in Drama, when we are supposed to be acting and practicing our Kate and Petruccio scene for Taming of the Shrew Final, we just goof around. Yeah-- we got nothing done. Except had a good laugh. We laughed at each of our ideas. We wanted to sing the parts-- Brower wouldn't let us. We wanted to act out each word-- Brower wouldn't let us. We wanted to start fighting with light sabers-- we just assumed that Brower wouldn't let us. So instead of blocking out our very last fight scene, we have decided to do it improv. I am pretty much positive Mr. Brower has told us NOT to improv fight scenes. We have our ideas. We just don't know the order. I can just follow Conrad's lead. Right? Either way-- it was a great day in Drama. It makes me excited for another year. (and hopefully not just in Drama 2 but in Musical Theater as well.... yeah-- I am trying out for Musical Theater. hahaha)

Conrad is one of the sweetest kids I know. He is always saying hi to me in the halls, and talking to me. He is just so sweet. Even when he forces me to meet some kid--sooo embarrassing might I add-- so I look like a giddy school girl nervous to meet a sophomore, I still love him. Yeah that's right. 

I love you, Conrad Smith.

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  1. Hey guess what! I love Conrad too!! And I love you!