Thursday, November 4, 2010

growing up

Part of life is growing up.

As I child, I dreamed of going to high school, having a locker, and yes, Disney fooled me into believing I would even have a boy of my dreams and we would run away into the distance and be in love.

But now I cleave to lands of amazement and dreams.

A place where reality doesn't exist.

A home I can never live in.

My dreams are of a city of emerald, and all it takes to get there is a yellow brick road.
My dreams are of a land where I will never grow older, and all it takes to get there is a happy thought and a little pixie dust.
My dreams are of a place of wonder and amazement, and all it takes to get there is a little imagination.

Places I will never go.

No matter how hard I try.

The years go by, and I am growing,

Life comes at you fast.

One day, you are exact opposite of what you thought you'd always be.

Expectations are not met, and life is not satisfying.

But the beauty of growing up, is you learn to love who you become.

I hope when I am old, I look back on my life and I am proud of who I became.

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