Monday, November 29, 2010

Girls just use their blogs to talk about boys... I will do the same.


Moving on? Eh?

I would have to say I have definitely taken some major steps.

Like today, when I walked into to yearbook and told Mary that I didn't hate her anymore. I guess I never hated her, but I was jealous, so jealous.

(She was shocked, I laughed because she never knew of my secret jealousy hahahaha... sometimes we are all silly, just plain silly, plus apparently they are third cousins)

I said hi to him today. Usually I just walk by and pretend he is not there, like he doesn't exist, but I even said his name. And this time, he said hello back, and even said my name in return.

I didn't look at sparkly jeans today and want to throw up. I just nicely smiled as I walked out of the classroom.

He wasn't in my dream last night.

I found a Taylor Swift song that does NOT remind me of him. (That my dear followers, is an accomplishment)

I thought of another boy, for like forever. I even texted Mady about how he may be the boy of my dreams. I actually have a crush on a different boy.

I put him back in my phone as a contact. When I am mad at him, which usually indicates I secretly want him back more then anything, I delete him. ( That doesn't mean anything, I have his number memorized... lame stuff that memory of mine) But I finally decided I didn't care enough anymore and put him in my phone.

(If you wanna know what his name is, be bold enough to ask, it is funny)

And I didn't think once about last November until after lunch today, and that only lasted half a second, and I didn't think about it once until now, and it is fading, fading....

Yet, I still dedicate another post to the dumb boy.

Some day I will be past that too.

Here comes the sun... California here I come. :)


  1. Have fun in Cali!!! Doesn't it sometimes seem like the past was all a dream and you will wake up any minute? I know things happen for a reason, but sometimes I am DYING to know what the reason was because I don't think I can figure it out on my own.

  2. I feel honored that I was mentioned in your blog.