Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I have been a decently good girl this year. I didn't pull any pranks, I kept my manners, and I was nice to most people most of the time. There is just a few things I would like this year.

A Dishwasher- See the thing is, after 12 months of no dishwasher, and months and months of being the only one who does the dishes in my family, I would say, I have earned one. I understand I used to complain about doing the dishes when I had one, but my heart has changed.

Running Shoes- On Thursday I only ran 4 miles and my feet had blisters. Can you understand that my feet need something new, something happy? Please note- I hate Nike's.

My Brother- Ok, Christmas can come in July. :) (MORE LIKE JUNE!!!) But it would be amazing if we (as in me, my momma, dad, and Jensen- note, no little people), could go pick him up in Baltimore. Did you know that DC is just one train ride away from Baltimore. :)


A Boyfriend- I knew I blew it last time around but this time I will be nice, and good to the poor kid. I would never ever treat him the way I treated.... him... All I am saying is, I'm a bit lonely. Going through high school with no boy is lame.

I guess if the whole boyfriend thing doesn't work out, I would also like Harry Potter, Carrie Jube, and Taylor Lautner cardboard cut outs.




  1. And I thought you never said "I want a boyfriend." I've caught you twice! :)

  2. haha! You totally stole this idea from me! :)

  3. Mary. . . Mary Mary. I only say it don't mean it in seminary so people don't get the wrong idea. ;) <- That is me winking....

    And Catie, YES, YES I DID. It was kinda a mutual idea, but mostly yours