Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my best friend

Have you ever wondered what a best friend is?

Let me tell you.

A best friend is the person who you can call at 9 PM on a Monday night, go get Krispy Kreme donuts, wait outside in the freezing cold with shorts on to get into an apartment building just to give your sister a donut, and yes, not even give your sister a donut and not complain.

A best friend stands by your decisions.

A best friend truly cares about you in every way. They want you to succeed and make it to the top.

A best friend will pay for your homecoming shoes when they are buy one get one half off and then after you fail to pay them back completely, for your birthday they write you a well thought out note, and tell you that you don't owe them the $8 anymore.

A best friend can make you laugh and will laugh with/at you. They have similar type of humor and even love you when you are crazy.

A best friend will go with you to a bookstore for hours just reading all different types of books.

A best friend makes you want to become a better person and helps you when you need a push.

A best friend will lay on the benches at a restaurant with you when you are the only ones in the restaurant and just talk to you.

A best friend understand the meaning of having pizza for at least one meal for 4 days in a row and encourages to keep the cycle going.

A best friend comes to your house after school even if there is nothing to do there.

A best friend listens to you talk about the same old boy and how much you care/hate him, how you don't even act like a normal broken up couple but more of a divorced couple and still continues to help you move on with your life.

A best friend will eat lunch with you when you need to stay to do homework although they could have left.

A best friend will sing songs about zoos, elephants and love real loud and horrible with you day after day.

A best friend doesn't consider high school to be the end of the friendship.

A best friend doesn't question why you took a online Harry Potter sorting club test, but asks you for the website to email it them-self.

A best friend doesn't look like you like you are an idiot when you want to transfer out of your super hard math class into the super easy one, but transfers in with you to the super easy one.

A best friend supports senior crushes, even when you are a junior, and even has one too.

A best friend waits for you to walk down from seminary and even cares about what you learned and wants to know.

A best friend is open with you and trusts you.

A best friend is Sarah Louie Thayne.

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  1. :) I LOVE you. Patrick, you thee greatest.
    I care about you so much best friend. <3