Monday, May 18, 2009

Some of my favorite pictures ever....

After Tanner opened his mission call, he looked so happy, I will cherish that moment forever
This is one of the zillions I have of me and Wendy. This is the night we had "math homework" when really we just went in my room and took a bunch of silly videos of ourselves. This is our, "the really hot senior who shall not be named on here, just walked by..." HAHA! such a great one.
Girl's night at the school, good times with Chrystalyn up ALL night with school the next that was fun.
So the story behind this picture is Lydia was holding the stick up on Christians face but then I accidently cut Lydia out of the picture and its just me and Christian and this floating stick, I love it!

Haha, Lydia's outfit, that was great, this picture even greater
So Henry, is my favorite, This picture just makes me laugh
One day we all went sledding, this picture turned out the cutest of them all, it pretty much sums the whole day up.

One time Lydia slept over at my house, this is the toothpaste she brought
This picture is cute of puffs oh and i hate how dark her eye lashes are, mad's are longer and darker somehow, LUCKYS!

Well, Walker is the cutest kid to walk this planet

Well I love this one, cause I look so sad, It makes me laugh
One word:Priceless
hahaha... We are so cool
This is our chain, of how much we are girls, Valentines day 2009, we all do each other's hair and make up

This is in the bathroom at Burger Supreme, why I love it, well because we are such girls, and we were the ones who planned this big laser tag thing, and we were late, oh good night...
Look at us, we are all so little, I am so happy that 2 years later, we are still all best friends.
This is just so typical, I am happy I got this on camera, It is hilarious

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