Friday, December 4, 2009

I Literally Love Lizi!!!!

Literally, Lizi and Me

My dearest Lizi,

Literally? It is your birthday, SOOOO SOON!!!!!

The Top Ten Reasons I Literally Love Lizi

1. She is literally the funniest person to walk the earth.
2. She is literally so beautiful.
3. She can literally make my day a better and brighter one.
4. She literally has the BEST laugh ever!
5. She is literally such a smartie!
6. Rides with her to Cowabunga were literally the most fun thing ever.
7. Literally, Lizi has the best taste in music.
8. She is so creative, literally.
9. Literally, she is the best older sister one can ask for.
10. Literally, she understands why literally is the greatest word ever, literally.

Gosh, how can one not literally love lizi!! She is literally the best person ever. Ah, there are literally not enough words to describe why I love her so much. You better wish her a happy birthday on December 8, or i will literally kick your butt. LITERALLY!!!!!

Mayson (literally)

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