Thursday, April 23, 2009

blah blah blah just die already....

April 23, 2009
SO i have decided to run for SOPHMORE CLASS VICE PRESIDENT! i am running against this kid i don't even know.. and i know like everybody... wait Just kidding! haha. well yesterday McKann and I sold these golf tickets for the service hours so I could run. We did it all day! McKann is my favorite! She is so great! Today in ASL we did this thing where we were a deaf student in a hearing school... it was so much fun. Right now my head may explode. My 6 year old brother is throwing a fit because he can't play x-box even though he has a tv in his own stinking room and his own wii and its a nice day outside, he is just screaming and screaming! POOP! can he just stop? he is like already just as bad as my friends with this whole addiction to playing video games, and they are 15! wow!!! but when he is not crying over video games, he is the cutest thing in the whole entire world! I will post a picture of the little one. this has been a pretty good day. In english we had this sweet sub who didn't make us work and stuff. Then we were just sitting on this counter and the whole bookshelf fell apart. Oh my it was SO GREAT!! we were laughing so dang hard. Another time was in ASL when Miss Newell was saying the funniest things to me. Oh great times. Well I was watching 90210 cause it was on, and Diablo Cody, the writer of Juno was just on it. What the heck? like Juno is the greatest thing of life. I could quote pretty much the whole thing. That reminds me of this one time on secret life when Shawn Johnson was just there. It was so weird. Well i of course had a reason to write this whole blah blah blah just die already. Um. well first of all it is from an episode of Dax Flame, on youtube. The funniest thing in all life! k that is not true but it is really really funny. And also cause there is this kd who should just get hit by a bus, like Regina George. I don't him to die cause that would be terribly sad, but I just need him gone for a while. To get him off my mind. Yup, McKann you know who... Sorry by the way. Anywho, ya. That is about it. I have tests and crap tomorrow.. gay stuff, so I am going to study now! This has been a diary of a troubled teen.

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