Friday, May 15, 2009

State Testing is the WORST!

MAN! I HATE STATE TESTING! it is so boring, now that i am finished I thought I should just write on here. :D So it was so fun, on Wednesday we went to Cowabunga Bay! I love that place already. Too bad we waited like 15 minutes to get the big bucket to work, then found a guy to help us, then drove around to see it, drove back and I managed to miss it. Oh well it was hilarious that i missed it but I saw it on my cousin Cassie's phone. So yesterday was Tanner's birthday, he is 19! wow what is weird to think is that when he comes back the next birthday we will have with him is his 22, cause he will be 21 when he comes back after then it will be almost a year and then 22! That is SO WEIRD! Haha i can't believe that when he gets back I will be going into my Senior year in HS. that is insane! I am going to miss him and CJ a whole lot! Anyway, today we are going to Cowabunga so we can pick up this packet thing or whatever, I want to take them a sweatshirt cause they said they would make me one! Anyway I am so freaking bored to death. NAGASHNAGA! I have a lot of pictures I need to put on but I don't have any from this computer I will put them on later. Anyway, I think I will go now, this has been a diary of a troubled teen. (oh and ps, I was having fun with the bold and stuff)

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