Monday, May 4, 2009


I usually get really bored in Computers, this is a drawing I did one time
These are the mountains I drew a while back, like the first day we got this lame Student Teacher who is monotone who we call Mrs. Pole cause Lydia thought that was her name when it is really Mrs. North, haha the North Pole, oh goodie Lydia is hilarious!

Now that I got that out of my system, hmm... I hate school! There is seriously like 16 or something days left til it is over! AH! I am actually at school right now! I finished early in computers so now I am sitting here. I am supposed to be doing typing but that would be boring. So ya. Anyway I am going to New York this Summer! YAY! My aunt Paityn lives there and that is what I am going to do! Yipee! So like the first weeks of summer everyone will be gone forever! Emily is going to Africa, Lydia is going to Hawaii, Lauren a cruise, Wendy China, what the heck! Why don't I go anywhere cool, well I guess I am going to New York! But that is the end of summer but still that will be way way cool! :D Oh my summer is just going to be amazing! Too bad McKann has band all her dang life. And everyone is leaving me! But it will still be, speaking of websites however, haha the funniest website is! it has the funniest stories ever! You should check it out sometime. Today in Seminary we had this substitute guy and he talked like Alex Olsen. It was so funny! I loved it! Well I can't believe how soon Tanner leaves! He leaves on June 24, and his farewell is June 21! AHHH!!!! But on the bright side, Katie and Ellen and all the other Huish clan are coming to it so I am way pumped! Lauren is going to girls camp! that will be pumping too! And I am also excited for Youth Conference! OH summer will just be so great!

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  1. Haha Mayson, just so you know, Wendy's not going to China until NEXT summer. ;]