Monday, September 21, 2009


So summer is over and school is in! Student Government has been so much fun! Friends are fun! Life is pretty good I guess. So lately I have been going to a lot of football games. I love football! :D I honestly don't know what to say! I don't have much at all. I think I am going to write the 25 top things that make me laugh or happy. (not in order really)

1. Friends, they are the most perfect escape from any problems.
2. Inside Jokes. There are billions of those in my world.
3. My Mom. She pretty much does everything for me.
4. Blue Eyes. They really do light up a room.
5. Lizi Pack. Her laugh makes me laugh.
6. Cute things little kids say. For instance "Maddox, who built you?... Jesus"
7. Embarrassing Stories. No matter who they happen to they are funny.
8. Jokes. Helen Keller, That's what she said, dumb blonde; not thats what mayson said jokes!
9. Family Guy Clips. GUILLTTTTYYYY!!!!!
10. Songs I write with Wendy. We pretty much rock writing about CB.
11. Cariel and Taylor. I love my freshman studgov friends.
12. My dad running over my ipod with a lawn mower. Sad, but hilarious.
13. Henry Lee's Diary. Nuff said.
14. Tanner and CJ. Two funny guys.
15. Both of my fathers. How on earth are they both so funny?
16. Uncle John. A panda at the zoo just had a baby.
17. Puffy, Mad, Jensen and Walker. Just to finish off my family.
18. Newborn Babies. Seriously, they are my favorite thing ever.
19. Spoofs. Scary Movie 3, Superhero movie, so funny.
20. SNL and You Tube Clips. Who comes up with these things.
21. The word literally. Thats the funniest thing I have ever heard, literally.
22. Aunt Karen and Ellen bo Bellen. Please come visit me soon. :D
23. Getting ready. It really makes a difference.
24. Uncle John's obsession with Christmas and his birthday party. Who needs that much crap?
25. Going to the mall with Justin, Lydia, and Christian. That seriously was the best thing ever.

That's my list! For now I'm gonna go. I will post more often now :D
this has been a diary of a troubled teen.

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