Thursday, May 21, 2009

The cute things out of Walker's mouth...

So the other day me and Walker, my six year old brother, were having a heart to heart talk about adoption. I was telling him that he was adopted or whatever and we were just talking about how he is in our family now. Then I asked him the question, "Are you happy to be in our family?" He responded ever so cutely, "Yes, because Tanner has a fun xbox I like to play!" I love how he just first thinks about the x box. Man he is adorable. Today in computers, aka right now, Mrs. Jardine let me hold her cute little baby! Ah he was so cute, and chubby might I add. 15 pounds for a 2 month old! Well anyway I have just been sitting here cause I am so ahead. Anyway class is over soon so I better go.. but I am way pumped for Emily Clark to come this weekend and to see Terminator with Henry and Stuart. That will be fun! YAY! Summer is in one week! Oh man I can't wait! I am watching Twilight tonight with my Grandma, I love Twilight so I am so pumped up! YAY!!! Anyway nice talking. This has been a diary of a troubled teen. P.S. Yesterday, my life really was troubled, I went to the eye doctor for like 2 and a half hours, yuck.

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