Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the war outside our door

#7 Senior Assassins

It started with a little over a hundred of us, fearing to leave for our cars in the parking lot. Everyone was paranoid, everyone was excited. 

We gathered our weapons and started for the kills. People were constantly dying. 

Waiting for Sam Cusick outside his home, hiding in the bushes for two and a half hours for Josh Burr, or even lying to some of your great friends (ie Aubrey Snelson or Camille McKeon): these were all ways we killed them. 

I don't know if I liked it so much because suddenly, for the first time, our grade connected or if because the thrill was always there. 

After I died, it was all about Macall and Andy. I always hoped it would never become between the two of them because I honestly don't know whose side I would have taken. 

I realized that I am a great assistant. I saved Macall and Andy both a number of times and we were a trynamic trio.

Basically, it was the thrill of a lifetime. 

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