Saturday, May 19, 2012

say you wanna dance

#4 High School Dances
BJ Dodge,  James Summers,  Max Jensen, Joe Roberts, Taylor Sorenson, Trent Kupka, Stuart McGraw, Jake Knell, Travis Tyler, Ben Crowley, Alex Burdge and Mike Witham: Thank You.  Honestly, dances are the epitome of what high school is. And because of all of you, I went to each of them. That is quite spectacular if you ask me.  (Except el Cheapo, but that was Chrystalyn Finch's wedding so I couldn't go with a date, but I did go stag after)

I absolutely loved this and I sure and gonna miss it.

Random adventures around town, the comic book store, Wingers, ice cream at Mady's, hiking Stuart falls, getting lost, hide and go seek, carving pumpkins, dressing up as ninjas, skittle bowling, pirate isalnd pizza, Outback, Iggy's, ugly prom dresses, pretty prom dresses, long walks and talks, Magelby's, the truths and lies games with pebbles, some amazing hugs, power tumbling, La Jolla Groves, dinner at Lauren's, Things, Color Me Mine, Noodles and Co, Ikea, Aquarium, Cafe Rio, Sleepy Ridge, She's The Man.  

For some reason I can't find a bunch of pictures: Valentines 2010 with James Summers, Sadies 2010 with Taylor Sorenson, Valentines 2011 with Trent Kupka, Morp 2011 with Stuart McGraw,  Homecoming 2011 with Travis James Tyler, and  Sadies 2011 with Ben Crowley

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  1. I think it's really funny that you spell it "Stuart Falls" instead of "Stewart Falls." Haha.