Tuesday, May 15, 2012

glide away on soapy heels

(The reason I copied and pasted that previous post is because I have too much on my mind right now. )

All I do is ponder.  
I see pictures and I am reminded of who we used to be. Two freshman ready to fight on the world, conquering bug collections and Great Expectations. Being proud of running two miles in PE or joining track for a day together.

I've decided that people don't change, they just discover who they've been all along. 

And it hurts me so much that we've discovered different life paths. Give it a few months and we will no longer be speaking.We'll go about saying that we need to hang out and catch up. But it will never be the same. We're no longer the innocent freshman of Mr. Marker's Algebra 2 math class.

Inside jokes and old memories last for only so long.

It was engraved in my head that we'd be friends forever, that you'd be there at the birth of my children and we'd go on family vacations together. And that we'd talk and plan each others' bridal showers. But I don't even know if we'll make it through the summer.

The saddest part isn't that I'm losing you, it's that I simply just don't care anymore. 

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