Tuesday, May 15, 2012

party on the rooftop, top of the world

#9 Spring Break 2011- Hot Springs Adventures
 We were sitting at Sarah's house and Stuart called. Travis, Connor Goodwin, Bryson Seifert, and Stuart were going to the Hot Pots in Heber and wanted us to go. So... We did. After waving to some "friendly people" we got into the warm water and were having a good time. Basically, we see a car, a couple of flashlights, and yep, you guessed it, it was the cops. Apparently, we were trespassing and the "friendly" people were the owners and instead of being normal and telling us to get off their property, they just called the cops on us. So we all got a citation, and will have to pay a fee. Yeah. At first I was freaking out, but after I called my mom, and the boys were joking a lot, I was fine. Mayson Astle got a citation. I never had that planned. Ever. But hey, how funny is that? So now my mom calls me her "little criminal" and I have some seriously good things to laugh about.

(I literally just copied and pasted that from when I posted it originally) 


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