Thursday, May 17, 2012

taking on the world together

#6 Dollar Store Nights and Gift Exchanges

Since eighth grade, my best friends and I have had a tradition that every Christmas we would pull names and give good gifts instead of giving everyone their own gifts. Along with that tradition has come dollar store night. Each year (some the same night as the gift exchange, some other nights) we would all go to the dollar store and pick out one or two gifts for each person. We'd always go in pairs and spend the time waiting in Desert Book. The one dollar gifts have been some of my favorite things. Traditions like this have taught me that I honestly have had amazing best friends for all of high school. Although we lost a few of them along the road and picked a few more up, I certainly can say that I've had the same best friends for all of high school.
frosh year $1 store

JR. Year Gift Exchange
8th Grade Gift Exchange
this was during our twilight phase

frosh year gift exchange


senior year $1 store
senior year $1 store

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