Wednesday, April 4, 2012

only the young can break away

My room is (still) a mess. There are (still) dishes in the sink. My legs are (completely) sunburned. My car ran (completely) out of gas and I couldn't leave the Timpview parking lot and this week has been (way) too long.
However, life is good. 

I spend literally hours in the sun. I slept, I read, I daydreamed. It was worth ignoring my duties of cleaning. Who cares if there is dishes in the sink? Who cares if the laundry is all over the floor? Who cares that I walked home?  When it's 68 degrees, no clouds in the sky and there is a perfect slight breeze so it doesn't get to hot, you gotta embrace that.

You can't let the mundane tasks of life ruin a perfect day.

Today, I got a sneak peek of summer. 
 Who's complaining now? 

(probably my parents, look at all of things i didn't do, haha)

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  1. Mayson. Summertime. We MUST play. It's been far too long.