Monday, April 2, 2012

i crave it.

What a day! 

I finished the yearbook. HALLELUJAH! Honestly, the best thing ever and I saw, relived, quoted, sang and breathed "Thoroughly Modern Millie" again at Orem High.

Of course though, at the end of it, I wanted someone to give me a hug, tell me I did a great job and let me tell them every little thing I was thinking.

*I didn't like the way she said "I'm a pioneer woman pal!*
*His first note on "Oh Sweet Mystery of Life" was absolutely amazing*
*Why didn't they say "DEXTER! COME!"?*
*Why was Bung Fu a girl?*
*At least she could sing*
* The tap dancing! It's amazing!*
*That was my line! My one and only line and he ruined it!* 
*Why was her dress long? And fitted?! ITS STYLISH TO RAISE YOUR SKIRT!*

(Well, I suppose I said most of these things to Zoe.)

However, he'd be more than proud of me for my book and laugh at me for my over-analyzing skills. We'd go on walks and he'd wear button up shirts. He'd lay and stare at the ceiling with me and try to make patterns out of it as I do sometimes. He'd enjoy funny pictures I send him. He'd be great. I hope he's smart. Oh goodness, I love a boy who is smart. Someone who can explain concepts and ideas to me. I hope he can play guitar and we can sing under the stars. Oh how joyous it would be to have a boyfriend!

However, as Mama Tanna would say, "Your time will come." 

But this time I may just ask her, "Soon?"

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  1. Ahhh I must tell you about the boy I am TOTALLY in love with that plays the guitar. He's such a gem.