Friday, April 13, 2012

lies in disguise in the name of trust

Everyday I tell myself that it won't be as broken as it was yesterday.  I tell myself that the fighting, anguish, hate, and disappointment will fade. I pretend you love me and that I'm not your biggest burden. You'll be proud someday. You'll accept me for who I am. You'll remember. I promise myself that one day I'll be free from you. Each day, when that sun rises, I believe it will get better. But when the moon appears and the stars show, it's only gotten worse.  I've failed again.  

Everyday I lie to myself. 

But I'm sick of all the pointless fights and the bitterness. So I'm going to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and take them far away from you.  I've decided to stop caring and aching for your love. If you come around, maybe I'll be there. But I simply can't anymore. I just can't put up with it any longer. 

So I'm quitting the lies and accept reality as it is.

B r o k e n.

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