Sunday, September 26, 2010

You Made It Another Year, Congratulations

There are those people who make your day brighter.

McKann Hanseen does that.

And today is her birthday!

Goodness Gracious. There are 3 zillion amazing things.

She's nice, smart (genius actually), clever, wise ( oh SO wise), She's such a great amazing friend. I don't have to talk to her every day to consider her an incredible friend. She's simply there. She listens. But not to listen because she holds a title of friend. Because she cares.

Friends who care mean more than those that you see every day.

Can I just say McKann is such a blessing in my life?!

Happy Birthday Girl! :) Glad you made it another year. I hope that there is many I can keep you in my life. Even if it's a phone call, or late night chat every once in a while. First of all, it keeps me sane, and second, you just say everything perfectly.

I truly hope you live your dream of helping others. You will be amazing at it.

Mostly I LOVE YOU!!!!

PS. Sorry I NEVER post pictures. My computer is SUPER slow and it never lets me. :(

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