Saturday, September 18, 2010

nights like tonight

Ok. Today was strange.

It started at my sister's appt. Me and Lyd stayed there last night and watched Titanic til 330 AM. (Saddest movie ever) At 8 we woke up and went to a fashion show.

I was in a fashion show. What the? So not me, I enjoyed it though!

So I went home and did the dishes. Took me FOREVER. Yeah I listened to all 26 Taylor Swift songs on my ipod. :)

Then I was exhausted. I went to Lydia's ward party. Ate food. Yum.

At BJ's party (held at Macall's) I was honestly falling asleep. I was alone in a corner a lot of the night enjoying it though.

Then I shoved Joe's face into a cake. So then we got in a cake fight.

Then as I was running down the street, I lost it. I was so empty and sad. (I know, strange)

So then I was just sitting there on the corner by Days kind of, well behind it, and I reflected on the past. Stookey and Joe joined me. They made me feel better about life. We walked around, and I returned to Macall's.

At Macall's I made some easy mac. Then started to be more and more social.

I even got a record for world's longest handshake with Alex Burdge.

Then he took me home, and I remembered what I had forgotten an hour before.

Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I significant?

Yeah, I am. The Lord loves us all. Sometimes we lose sight of that, and feel empty, alone, and unimportant.

But guess what? We're not any of those things.

Aren't we lucky?

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