Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sometimes you have to lose something very valuable to realize what it is worth.

Then it is gone.

There is no turning back.

There is no before.

It's in the past.

You have said your goodbyes.

You accept it and move on.

But there are moments where you are reminded of that which you have lost.

Moments of grief.

Moments of sorrow.

Moments of happiness.

Remembering that it is gone, gone forever, kills me.

But I have accepted this.

I must move on.

Although I miss you, I don't want you back.

I can't want you back.

I can't have you back.

Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.

I am just waiting for something better.


  1. that's EXACTLY how I feel right now. thanks mays.

  2. lars bars, me too darling :) i'm happy I am not stranded alone on a ship in the middle of the sea. We are stranded together! You're welcome love. Love ya tons

  3. this applies to where i am boyfriend is feeling that way to his ex..and i felt like if i leave will double the grief.. but I want him to realize my worth that if he keeps being like this..the "us" will end up.