Friday, September 24, 2010

a strange love

Sometimes I wonder how much you actually gain a love for yourself, or just because of other people.

How much of you is YOU?

My mom is OBSESSED with this band Tears for Fears. Popular in the 80's, hits include: Shout, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Head over Heals, and of course, you all know Mad World. (No, that was not Gary Jules or Adam Lambert, but the great TFF).

Those songs are good, whatever, but man, this band has talent. (in the less popular songs)

K the main guy Roland Orzabal, (roland as I know it) is pure genius. He uses so much symbolism in his lyrics, consistent song to song.

For instance, many songs he talks about his "four leave clover" which is his wife. Thats just one example. He knows how to rip on people, write about people (yes, my momma) and express everything in hidden ways.

But would I truly love them if it weren't for my mom? I don't know. I guess she just teaches me all the meaning behind them so his music means something.

Famous Last Words (Seeds of Love Album) is amazing. It's about his dad and how they had a horrible relationship and when he died, it was sad but he will change it.

But that's all in hidden words. You listen and you don't understand the whole story, but you get bits and pieces that chills you.

And Woman and Chains- Deep in your heart there are wounds time can't heal.

Man great.

His music is also very pretty. Very. (Depending on the song)

Those two are my favorite, easily.

Well, yeah just thought I should declare I love Tears for Fears, but only because I understand his music.

And sometimes its written about my mom. No literally. Roland and my mom are best friends.

So maybe its genetic to love them.

The world may never know.

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