Sunday, April 25, 2010

When in doubt, these people save your day

Christian, k don't mind the super old picture, I love it! Anyway, I love him. No, that is an understatement. I LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH! Christian is so great. I appreciate him more then words can describe. He is my... ha he knows. He just is. :)
Justin, he looks at you, he smiles. He instantly goes for a hug and you can ALWAYS expect one from him. He makes you laugh, and he is just so great. I love him very dearly.
Marshall, although he is kinda stupid sometimes, a hug from him always makes me feel loved and just better.
Taylor and Cariel, these are the BEST freshman in the whole world. They just seriously are so amazing. They have been my friend all year and I love them SO SO SO much.
Lizi, She just walks in a room and I feel better. She laughs at everything I ever say, she lightens up my mood. Lizi is so great!
Mady, you call her, she calls you back. She supports you, watches movies with you and comforts you to the max. I love her to death and am proud to call her my best friend! :)
McKann! She just gets life. She makes sense of it, she talks you through things and even makes sure you are in line with your life. I love McKann so much and miss her so much! I feel like I haven't talked in ages!
BOZO.. aka Zoe aka my fiance. Yes, I love her. She is so so so so so great. I don't see her much but we often go walking through medows of clover. But not really, Zoe is fantastic. Indeed.

Dania, my love for Dania grows everyday. She is a friend when you need her. She just always makes me feel important and I love her so much. I can definitely say she has saved my day many many times.

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  1. Ahhhh Awww Mayson I love you too so much!! Promise we'll talk as soon as I'm not swamped. PROMISE.