Monday, April 19, 2010

I miss you...

I miss the days where friendship was considered a TWO WAY thing. I call you, and YOU call me. Not just a I call you, you don't answer, never call back, sort of thing.

I miss the days where I knew what you did that weekend because I was THERE not because I read it on your FACEBOOK STATUS, OR RECENT BLOG POST.

I miss the fact that I used to not be able to go a DAY without talking to you and now it feels like MONTHS since i have actually talked to you about important things in my life.

I miss the fact you would make an effort to see me OUTSIDE of school instead of just doing bare minimum to hardly even see me INSIDE of it anyway.

I miss that it felt like we KNEW about each other then one day its as if I don't even MATTER to you anymore.

I miss that YOU used to TRUST me, but NOW not so MUCH.

I miss the fact that you probably READ this and don't even know how DIRECTED this is towards you.

I miss the days that it wasn't all about YOU. It was about US.

I miss the days we were friends and that you cared about me.

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