Monday, April 26, 2010


Nothing is getting better.

Like at all.

Pretty much I feel like my social life is over, school seems pointless and I would love to run away and get outta here. I know it just seems like I complain a lot, which I kinda do, but I seriously, feel like I have lost everything lately. And a lot of it is my fault.

I am stupid.

I don't know what I want, I am confused. I pretty much only know how to make bad decisions when it comes to friends, boys and family. I just feel out of wack. I am so off. I just feel like the world hates me and there is no going back. It is hard to know who is truly on your side. Those who you feel like would be, talk crap behind your back, don't really care about you or just plain suck. No one is there for me anymore. It really sucks. :( I just feel lost and alone. Big time. Major time alone.

I miss my old life.

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