Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You get to the alley and you put on someone else's shoes.
Knowing others have worn the shoes, you take the risk and wear them anyway.
You begin to play.
The game is rocky.
Overall you don't know how to play it very well, but at times there are moments.
Moments where you come close, you almost get what you want.
Moments where you get a strike and it feels like you succeed.
And moments where you wish you were a kid again and side bumpers would be great to use.
Help. Sometimes what you want is help, and guidance.
Remembering you are in someone else's shoes,
You play the game anyway.
Mostly you do okay, but overall, your score isn't too great.
It's the moments where you strike out, that you feel lucky, successful, and glorious.
You won. You feel like a champion. Even if it is one strike.
Your ball doesn't cooperate as you wish, not always.
At times during the game, it sways towards the exact opposite of what you want.
You can't control it once you let it go.
It becomes free.
But you decide where you put it.
You watch the pins stumble to the floor.
You make your game, your game.
You play in shoes worn by others.
You don't get what you want.
Your score isn't that great.
But at the end of the game, you are happy.
You didn't even play a good game.
But there were moments where you struck out.
Times of succession.
And the game is over.
Then someone else must fill those shoes.