Monday, April 19, 2010


This is Maddox. Cute? Yes. Adorable? Yes. Crazy? Yes. I love him. He is super. For instance, today after struggling to get him to shower, after all that mess I have a even harder task, brushing his hair. So as I am brushing it, he shakes his said and says, "Mays, you are making me look all weird!" The six year old has a sense of style. It also contains wearing his shirt backwards and also occasionally wearing girl underwear. (Thats when I call him Maddie, or Madison) This kid is killer. He has a freaking 6-pack. Yeah, you heard that. 6 year old with a 6-pack. Oh yeah on top of that, he skate boards like crazy, been riding a bike for 4 years (do the math at age 2 he was on a two wheeler bike.. insane) and can play any sport he wants. Backflips, no big deal. At age 3, or 4, he was doing fulls on a bed in our house. (the twisted backflips). He is CRAZY! He always has energy. Its as if he lives off of red bull and red bull only, and he has never even had red bull. Oh yeah, I love him. He is so adorable and loving. (HA not always, usually when I walk by he will hit me) but The small loving moments he shares make him worth it. I love him! I don't know what I would do with out him. Ever since the day we got him, I loved him as if he was my "whole" brother. I have never looked at any of my siblings different. Maybe more love for them then the others, because with them I love their birth parents more then I can even express in words. Basically, Maddox is the coolest 6 year old in the world. He is so great, fantastic, skilled, and wonderful. I love him with all my heart! :)

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