Wednesday, March 28, 2012

she needs wide open spaces

Surrounding me is a mess. I look in my room and see clothes, trash, other random belongings. I don't earn one penny to my own name. Sure a $10 job for my parents so I can go see the latest movies or buy a milkshake, but I have no income.  I stay up late browsing the Internet or watching an episode or two of Arrested Development. My biggest worries are if Culture Night will go well, or if I will survive my last and final Yearbook deadline. 

I'm just a kid. 

However, come a few months, I am out of high school, moving on to college, on my own. No more ten bucks here or there. No more going to school for half the day and convincing Sutherland to excuse me for the other half. No more comfort in the fact that I basically run the school I am going to. I won't be able to get away with the things I do now. No more high school. 

 Let me just say that one again, no more high school

I'll be a poor, unknown, low-life in this world. I'll be alone. But I'll be free. 

And that, my dear, will be worth everything. 

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