Friday, March 9, 2012

i'll admit, that i was glad that it was over.

I don't think it has been a secret that it's been an interesting two and a half years with him. He was my best friend, He  turned into a guy I didn't want to see, or talk to. I was done. But we were so connected. It always seemed to work out. We were always there, in the middle of the weirdness and the disasters, there we were together again. But we've changed. Both of us. Not just the obvious changes, the ones deep down. I thank him for all that he has done for me, we've just grown so far apart. Distant. It won't be the same. I hope for the best in his life. Sometimes in life we verbally say our goodbyes. Sometimes words can't speak what the heart is feeling. So you say nothing at all and feel deep down what you both are feeling. .

Here's to you, Jake Knell. It's been a great, miserable, wonderful few years. But this is goodbye.
Always and forever, Dondra the Bunny Rabbit.

People change. Feeling change. It doesn't mean that the love once shared wasn't true and real. It just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart. 

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