Wednesday, November 2, 2011

one year older and wiser too

Some birthday's you sit there and you think, "this day is like any other, it's not that great"

And some birthday's are the best ever.

It may be walking into Student Gov and everyone cheering for you, candy waiting on your desk, birthday notes all over the school (gotta admit it, awkward at first).

Then John Oldroyd makes the few people in Journalism sing to you, and you meet some super cool people in Mr. Ashton's room.

Lunch at Zupas. Surprise Ice Cream Party in Yearbook. Yogurt Land.  La Jolla Groves. Candy Store. (I kind of LOVE food)

New shoes, movies, mall shopping.

Getting asked not only on ONE but THREE dates. (Let's be real, that's a rare occasion!)

And now McKann is picking me up to go to Farr's Fresh. LOVELY. 

But come on now,  let's be honest, I had the best birthday ever because I have the best friends ever.


  1. i'm sorry i'm a day late, but happy birthday. i'm so glad that you had such a good day! :)