Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a great deal to say

Today was a day full of decisions.

Exhibit A: I woke up late. I decided to get ready, take my time and show up late to class. I could have rushed out the door, but I decided that today I felt like getting ready.

Exhibit B: When I woke up late and went to school, I had every intention of making it to all of my classes today. That didn't happen. I thought eating food and hanging out with Lauren would be more fun then going to class and hanging out with Lauren.

Exhibit C: I was about to go home, then I decided I wanted to talk to V. Ords. On the way, I got distracted, talked to fake-bakes (yeah, Cassidy Baker)  for a little, went and helped Hollyberry (my new nickname for Bowers) plan her lesson and talked to some random people in the hall.

Exhibit D: I watched Beauty and the Beast. Then I decided that Belle is easily my favorite princess. It has been a tie between Belle and Ariel forever. But today I finally decided. Belle is just fantastic.

Exhibit E: I took my homework to babysit. I ended up watching two episodes of "Lie to Me" (which I justified because it's technically extra credit for psych)

Exhibit F: I decided to finally write my college essays. But I also decided to be content with failing a test tomorrow, (by a lot) turning in less than half my notes, and having more redos to do. I'm already failing anyway. I know I will get all of this up eventually, I know myself too well. I don't feel the necessity to stress yet.

Exhibit G: Now it's time to start getting ready for bed because my mom convinced me I don't want to be tired for my mutual activity.

Pretty much all I did today was make a bunch of dumb decisions and wasted my time. Sounds like me lately.

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