Sunday, September 25, 2011

this city is my city and i love it

Mascot: Mr. Potes

Photobooth on the bus, wonderful

troublemakers in the back

don't mess

"oh my stars"--Ali Harrison

We've got a potato


Took this for Lauren

Boise Idaho-- the only place Fred Meyer still exists

Mr. Potes

love my girls

phase'n it

we are winners and we win this awesome trophy

Bob Firman himself

Favorite part of the trip?

Jaimie giving a motivational lecture type thing the night before the race. She compares the story of Moses to our hard work. Moses didn't give up, he worked hard, lalalam you know the story, it's Moses. Here's the dialog. . . 

"So Moses, didn't just get what he wanted when he wanted it. After he parted the red sea he was still in the wilderness for, what? 40 years!"
"Moses never even made it to the promised land!"

Then we all just burst out laughing because it was hilarious. I mean, he didn't even get the overall goal and Jaimie totally agreed without realizing it. Oh I love Mormon humor.

One other funny part, we had to stop somewhere on the way home and about 5 minutes driving on the freeway after our stop we realized we were driving the wrong way. (We had to take a car and a bus, so I went home in the car because I was sick) The next stop was like 5 minutes from that. It was classic.


  1. I have been telling everyone this weekend how much that song is so stupid. The lyrics are worse than rebecca blacks! So, yeah. love your city, but at least find some better words to sing it.

  2. Woah the haters. It's a good jam, like Friday. Just fun

  3. Mayson, remember how all of you were in Idaho and you didn't even drive the rest of the way to Rexburg and see me? Yeah. I'm offended. I love you though! And I'm so glad that you all had such a good time!